Membership Fee Due For Renewal 1st Sept 08 Will I Still Get My Result Via Email

I got arenew your student membership notification on 15th July saying £69 is due for renewal 01 Sept 08, im fairly sure that means ill still get my result by email but perhaps not??! Anyone else the same? Hmmmm


  • Pencil
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    Hi Angela

    I had the same thing, I paid my fees at about 11.30 pm on 31st July because I was worried about not getting my results.

    I then found out that I didn't need to worry as the fees were not yet classed as 'outstanding' and they weren't due until the end of August.

    Don't worry, your results will still come through.
  • loobylou
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    i got the same letter, im sure it said somewhere on AAT website that as long as you were upto date with subscription in june 2008 when you took the exam you will still recieve your results.

    if you think about it if you have just finished technician you may not want to keep subscription up to date for the following year but would still expect your technician results.
  • angela27
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    Thanks guys for putting my mind at rest and good luck to you xx
  • tammyariley
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    registration Questions PLEASE HELP

    i am waiting for my AAT3 result and am undecided about doing my AAT4 it all depends on my result. obviously if i want to do level4 i will need to renew my membership
    1) but does it have to be by 31st August?
    2) also If i decide to wait a year to do level 4 do i still have to renew now?
    3) do i have to be registered for my qualification to stand?
  • immense
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    Mine is september every year and I have never paid them before I got my results!! They have always come by email! it is only for fees due up to 31st July!
  • kohlim
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    I got my letter mid june and says that i am due for renewal on 1st september. i looked at my outstanding fees and there was £69 there. Does this mean that i wont get my results emailed to me even though i still have valid membership until 31st August?
  • lewpylew
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    I cannot afford to pay my fees til early September when I get back from holiday. Hopefully I will get a reminder letter and then be able to pay on that or failing that I will get work to pay it hopefully. I have enrolled at college but not sure I can take the Technician level yet due to childcare/work issues :001_smile:
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