ECR results

kjg-kj Registered Posts: 68 ? ? ?
Yay I've passed they have come!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Marta_B
    Marta_B Registered Posts: 31 ? ? ?
    Congratulations :thumbup:

    Now I AM freaking out!!! They Are COMING!!!
  • PhilW
    PhilW Registered Posts: 36 ? ? ?
    Yay, I passed too!!
  • luluroc
    luluroc Registered Posts: 4 New contributor ?
    passed both


    Congratulations to all whom passed in exam.
  • AATmunkee
    AATmunkee Registered Posts: 123 ? ? ?
    Yep.. Passed too :) Still on a serious high.. had convinced myself i'd failed!! :001_tongue:
  • Lemya
    Lemya Registered Posts: 1 New contributor ?
    Ecr & Fra

    I Can't believe it I passed both exams I am over the moon. (It still doesn't feel real). So pleased all that hard work paid off.

    :thumbup: Congrats to all who passed.
  • JanaV
    JanaV Registered Posts: 8 Regular contributor ⭐ ? ⭐
    Congratulations :-)
    I have passed both too. Sooo happy:-)
  • ambitious
    ambitious Banned User Posts: 93 ? ? ?
    I know I passed the Intermediate Exams with ease but when do the answers for ECR get released ? I'm still interested to find out if that cost per batch question was a mistake.
  • JanaV
    JanaV Registered Posts: 8 Regular contributor ⭐ ? ⭐
    Oh yes this question was a tricky one:-)
    The answers should be able to see after everyone will receive their results.
  • carrieclarke2001
    carrieclarke2001 Registered Posts: 50 ? ? ?

    The exam was really hard. It threw me when the % were 53.3333% 3.3333%
    I thought I was doing something wrong.
    Also the batch question 42k 46k and 1.26 ? as if that would happen in the work place!
    I would have appealed if I had failed as I felt these questions were unfair.
    Good luck with your appeal
  • jimbob909
    jimbob909 Registered Posts: 7 Regular contributor ⭐ ? ⭐
    well good for u i not received either of my results glad u got yours
    got results passed ecr but didnt paas fra i passed section 1 but not section 2 gutted but had a good idea i didnt pass i knew section was was correct cos trial balance was fine
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