Pcr Wasnt Fair!!!

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i never failed in any exam in my life!!! but i failed in pcr in one section and passed in the secand section.... plus the marking isnt fair too.. in one section u pass and other section u fail just for one question and boom u fail in the whole exam and u have to take it next june or december!!! plus waiting for it two month and a half!!! is it possible to ask aat exam board to recheck my exam???


  • troy
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    Yes it is. You can always ask them to recheck your exam
  • garry_coombs
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    From the email:

    EXAM ENQUIRIES AND APPEALS PROCEDURESYou can get feedback on your performance by requesting a review of your script(s). To request details about the review service please send a blank email to the following address [email protected] . If you have any other queries about your results please call Student Services on 0845 863 0801 (UK), +44 (0)20 7397 3001 (outside UK) from 21 August or email us at [email protected]

    If I had failed either of mine they would have been going straight back, so I dont blame you
  • novemv
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    thanks guys

    thanks guys for ur help... wish u all best luck
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