Omg I Passed

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Omg, Im In Shock, Omg, I Was The Last 1 Out Of The Exam Thought I Have Failed, Even Now I Have No Idea How I Have Passed It, Im Over The Moon, Wow,

I Know This Is A Stupid Question, But Is There Any Chance I Could Have My Paper Back


  • lewpylew
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    Well done! :thumbup: Alas, I don't think you can get our paper back as if we all wanted them back it would be a bit of a nightmare for the AAT!
  • CathG
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    It would save them storing them though! :001_smile:
    Pity, I would like to see mine too. They could send the papers back to the colleges etc for collection.
  • garry_coombs
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    From the email:

    EXAM ENQUIRIES AND APPEALS PROCEDURESYou can get feedback on your performance by requesting a review of your script(s). To request details about the review service please send a blank email to the following address [email protected] . If you have any other queries about your results please call Student Services on 0845 863 0801 (UK), +44 (0)20 7397 3001 (outside UK) from 21 August or email us at [email protected]

    You can request a review of the script, not sure what this would be but probably better than nothing for you

    Edit: have just requested the email and it says it doesnt work if you passed.

    The email in question:

    Students and centres can request to have their script reviewed if their performance in a particular examination is significantly out of line with the college's prediction. You can also request a review of your script if you would like to receive some feedback. Feedback is not available for candidates who were successful in their exam. If you would like to use this service please complete the attached form. The completed form and fee must arrive at the AAT by no later than 21 September 2008.

    Forms received after this date will not be entered into the procedure.

    As part of our quality assurance procedures the AAT invites all centres, with the assistance of their Students to forward any feedback they might have on the examinations. I can confirm that all the evidence relating to each assessment: the Standards, centre and student feedback, marker statistics, statistics on candidate performances and reports from markers are considered by the Examination Review Panel as part of the decision making process. All borderline scripts are also reviewed as part of this process. Where feedback has been received, reviewed and considered by the Panel as a whole for all candidates concerned no additional consideration is available on an individual basis. You will not receive back a copy of your original worked script.
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