PCR failure

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I have just received my results and failed PCR the only one in 3 years of study and then only failed section1. Which is a shame so close to full membership and yet so far! If anyone has any tips or advise on PCR it would be very weclome as I do have difficulty getting my head round management accounting more so this stuff in this exam.:confused1:


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    so sorry for you that you failed, i am about to start the techinican level and was so so sure i failed frc until the results came in. Now i am petrified about the next level - on the web site - lots of people are saving the questions did not relate to pass papers. Do you have any tips on it?:confused1:
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    pcr fail

    I know how you feel. I failed just the first section of PEV and now have to wait until Decmeber to re sit. The bright side is we passed the rest which is a great achievment so keep :001_smile:
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    Hi Lily London

    Sorry to hear you had problems with PEV, When I took it last Dec I though I had failed it but just managed to scrap through. I have found that PEV & PCR are the worst and most confusing exams to take. I thought I was well prepared for PCR spending numerous amounts of time studying but still managed to fail section one. I was ready to give up but have since decided to resit in december and hopefully will get through then. I do hope you carry on as at the end of the day there is light at the end of the tunnel and the end result of full membership will be worthwhile.
    I am not sure about any tips, I know for PEV I got a video of my college all about variances that was extremely helpful. But doing a large amount of similar questions from previous exam papers and ones available from tutors is always a good start. Thats what I will be doing for PCR. 3 months of hard studying thats all you can do I think.
    Good luck with your exams
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