Is this def correct?

kailey Just JoinedRegistered Posts: 4
I'm concerned can you tell me the email address that the results should have come from - mine have come from [email protected] and was stored in my "junk" folder since half 6 last nite?!! I'm worried in case its a spoof?!
Please enlighten me :confused1:



  • keli2125
    keli2125 New Member Registered Posts: 12
    No, that is correct, i thought the same last year!!!
  • mikes
    mikes Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 254
    It's all right, these are your results. mine had the same address as well. Take a deep breath, open them & fingures crossed, hope it's good news.
  • frenzyfelton
    frenzyfelton New Member Registered Posts: 14
    AAT employed an external company to email the results ! so yes that email is correct & safe
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