PCR failure

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I have just received my results and failed PCR the only one in 3 years of study and then only failed section1. Which is a shame so close to full membership and yet so far! If anyone has any tips or advise on PCR it would be very welcome as I do have difficulty getting my head round management accounting more so this stuff in this exam.


  • novemv
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    well u r not alone, i have failed in section one i never failed in my life.....!!! my adivice to u get to recheck ur exam !!!
  • DMM
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    I too have failed my PCR, although in my case it was my second attempt. I passed my DFS & PEV so am gutted that I won't gain my qualification for another 6 months. I struggled with tasks 2/3 on Section one for both the Dec & Jun exams, didn't have the tutorial support to help before June re-sit exam due to lesson covering PEV so I am going to do the two hour module only back at College in September and hopefully it will all fall into place in December (3rd time lucky).

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