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HI can someone help me, i have just had my results for the foudation level but it just say successful it doesn't give a grade or percentage. do they send you this information or do you need to ask for it?
thanks for your help


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    Unfortuantly not. This is all they say, ie if you have been sucessful in both parts of your paper or not. Looking at another thread, someone tried to ask for a copy of their paper, but you can only ask for one if have not passed. I believe that AAT look to see if you have an overall understanding of the topics covered in the paper, as this is taken in when marking the papers, ie when doing a Trial Balance if it does not balance, but you put the difference to a suspense account, then you will get a mark for that, as it shows that you know what to do in that situation.

    Best of luck for the future.
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    I did read an article in AAT mag about 8 months ago which said that they were thinking of introducing a grading system for exams but obviously nothing as yet.

    Try contacting AAT with the very same question.
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