Did anyone pass PEV?

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I too failed PEV for the 4th time, has anyone actually passed this dam paper? I have always passed each of the sections at different sittings, therefore I am competent at both sections and it seems unfair that you have to re-sit both sections. I am even more frustrated at failing as this was the only one I needed to pass to qualify now I have to wait another 6 months.I thought this paper wasn't as bad as the TBags of Dec 07.
Bring on the appeal
Congratulations for anyone who did pass it



  • princess246
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    Im in the same situation i took PEV for the third time and failed again! i passed section 1 this time and failed section 2 where as it was the other way round last year!

    Are you appealing? as i wanted to appeal!
  • fruitcake
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    how do we appeal...?

    i failed section 2 of pev when i was almost convinced it had gone ok...

    i was really unsure of dfs and passed... odd!!!
  • ms-nee-nee
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    Im in the same dilemma as many ppl,, failed pev... but confusing thing is, i failed section 1!!!

    i took btc, ptc, and pev.... and i thought pev was the most easiest but im totally confused that iv failed it!!!

    Im definitely appealing....im sure something has gone wrong on the marking side of AAT.... as from reading...ppl actually found pev more easier than some papers...apart from the turbines question.

  • crybaby
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    I am going to wait and check the answers when they are posted on the site I think it will be in about 2 weeks time if I feel my answers were what were required, I will appeal

  • Bens_princess
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    For some unknown reason I did actually pass PEV first time this sitting.

    Not sure how I did it! I thought it was stupidly hard!

    Good on you for all those who are appealing. Good luck :o)
  • novemv
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    sorry to hear tht, well i have passed pev . i just failed in pcr section one, it is soo unfair to wait till december to do the same exam again, waiting for 2 months and half to get ur result!!!
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