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Hi there,

just found I have passed my intermediate level:thumbup:.Which is perfect.I also know I have to to technician level.But there are so many units!!!! It seams to be impossible to pass all those in just 10 months.I have heard I could split it in 2 sections(2 years). But I have no idea what units I should choose first:001_unsure:.Actually do we have a choice or not?
Many thanks for your help.


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    At my college it is automatically done over 2 years, & you get no choice as to what you do when! Speak to your place of study, they will know exactly what the next step is for you. :001_smile:
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    At my college it's done over one year - with the first two exams as soon as December !!

    I'm going to start on my project now and hopefully get it done by end of September to get it out of the way.
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    My college is the same. It only 3 months to the next exams!!! EEEK But at least you get them out of the way, and if you do fail you can resit in the summer
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    Hi, im trying to find out exacvtly what all the optional units are about but i cant find them. Can anyone tell me what they are all actually about? ie the difference in all the taxation units??
    Also how do you know where to start with the unit 10 project? I dont register for college till tomorrow so i wont be ablke to start the project till college starts in september which sucks as i have some free time now!

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    I don't know if this helps Skips, (I've also posted this under 'Options for AAT Technician');

    5 Compulsory Units are:
    Unit 8 (PEV) Contributing to the management of performance and the enhancement of value (EXAM)

    Unit 9 (PCR) Contributing to the planning and control of resources (EXAM)

    Unit 11 (DFS) Drafting Financial Statements (EXAM)

    Unit 10 Managing Accounting Systems (PROJECT)

    Unit 22 Health and Safety (You've probably already done this!)

    4 Optional Units are:

    Unit 15 Operating a cash management and credit control system (SKILLS TEST)

    Unit 17 Implementing auditing procedures (SKILLS TEST)

    Unit 18 (BTC) Business Tax (EXAM)

    Unit 19 (PTC) Personal Tax (EXAM)

    You need to choose at least 2 from the optional units. (Although you can choose more). To help you decide; if you are going to continue studying at a higher lever to become Chartered then look at the route you wish to follow and see which options can be credited to your future studies.

    I have actually chosen three of the optional units (2 x tax and audit). Ultimately, I felt these would be more useful to me and as audit isn't exam based I considered it would be marginally less stressful!!!!!

    It very much depends on what you want to do with the qualification when you have finished; are you in industry or private practice, this is also quite significant to your decision.

    As far as Unit 10 is concerned there is some help on the AAT website, so follow the link;
    FMAAT - AAT Licensed Member in Practice - Pewsey, Wiltshire
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    I'm opting for both tax modules. Makes sense as they're both related plus I want to know how tax rebates are calculated. From what I've seen on the technician boards DFS and PEV (scary 50 something national pass rate only!) are the 2 most challenging modules around.
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