AAT Graduation!! & a little message for EVERYONE!!!!XX

sharon Registered Posts: 161 Dedicated contributor 🦉
Has anyone ever been to one of the graduations the AAT?
What's it like? Do you get all dressed up? what are you presented with?

Sorry i'm really interested....although i still have a resit in December:mad2:

P.S. A massive Congratulation to everyone that passed - Well done!! And to those who did'nt hey ....We can resit.
In the great grand scheme of things - Exams are just not important (well they are!) But im trying to make everyone feel better. More things in life that are important! Chin up! You'll pass next time! Work a little bit harder, a little bit later and you'll be a lot happier later! :001_smile:


  • sharon
    sharon Registered Posts: 161 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    Apologies for all the spelling mistakes in the previous message
  • Tasha
    Tasha Registered Posts: 19 New contributor 🐸
    Hi Sharon
    Thanks for your message congratulating all those who have passed and qualified i have finally qualified after 3 attempts at PEV & BTC and i am sooo happy and i will be looking at going to the graduation cermony because i think it is such a achievement and i wish you all the luck for your retake and i am sure you will be fine.
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