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Spent all of last night celebrating :thumbup: cause i passed AAT3 and ringing everybody to tell them i passed. Then spent all of this morning crying :mad2: my eyes out as i feel i have wasted my time!

I've been researching the AAT4 at my local college only to find out that the cost has increased and is out of my budget, also i don't work so i can't do it anyway! I don't claim any benefits as my husband works, so i can't get the course paid for me and I don't work at the moment as i stopped to bring up our daughter. I am looking to return to work as my daughter is now 3.

What options do I have for taking level 4?:confused1:
Can I study from home or is there any other way I can study other than at my local college? I live in Weymouth, Dorset so any other option would have to be reasonably close by. Also how much would these other options cost?

cheers for any replies


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    Don't quit!

    Have you thought of doing Distance Learning?

    It works for me; I work part time based at home, I have a 17 month old and a 10 year old. This costs me £58.75 month over 10 months on a standing order, so it's affordable as you don't have the big initial expense.:thumbup:. I have just signed up for Technician Level. Why not ring A+ on 01752 256610 and have a chat.

    I'm in Cornwall, but I know they certainly go up as far as Taunton, I'm sure they could point you in the right direction if they don't feel theycan help you.

    If you have someone who could supervise you for simulations at home it would be easiest for you, this is what I do and it's brilliant! I am an hour's drive from anywhere that does training. I also think you can link into an exam centre, but I think some of these charge for you to sit a exam. Best thing you can do is chat it through with an organisation other than your college, but I'm sure A+ would give you some helpful advice. Ultimately if you're 'Distance Learning' you should be able to do it from anywhere!

    Alternatively, if it is that your college want you to pay in a lump sum, why not ask if you can pay over a specified period of time to make it more affordable for you, I'm sure that they would rather do that than lose you altogether (especially if you've just passed your exams - you're good for their pass rates!) - speak to your tutor.
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    I am doing my studies distance learning with Kaplan, Premier and BPP are also available. If you are not working at present look into transferring over to Diploma route.

    I am working but my husband is disabled so not much (any) free cash, I am doing distance learning as you can just buy a unit at a time. This works out slightly more expensive than buying the whole level and also a bit slower but makes it seem more affordable.
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    My college allowed me to pay in installments, there are also grants available from the learning and skills council that can help in these situations (my college also have their own grant funding that can assist if they feel the circumstances merit it) - I would at least talk to your colleges admissions team and see if they can help?
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