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I got my results this morning and passed both ECR & FRA, I was soooo pleased with myself. When I got to work I told my employer who wasn't really that bothered then he told me he will not let me have time off work next year to do my technician level!!!! I've been employed by this company for over 13 years, worked my butt off and this is how they repay me. What a day of mixed emotions from elation to frustration in 5 seconds. Just waiting to hear from my tutor to see what other options are available before I choose to do something drastic


  • sharon
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    Or would you consider evening classes?
  • ambitious
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    Don't do anything drastic.If it makes you feel any better, I've worked for a big organisation (can't name or i'm in trouble!) for 2 years and they've sponsered my AAT studies for a year but decided after they don't need me so i have to 3 days left in the job now.

    in the long term the AAT will get you a better job. that is after all why were all studying right ? Don't forget there's a 1 years work experience requirement to succeed in achieving full membership. So keep that in mind before you make any decisions.
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    God thats a terrile attitude form your employer. Well done on ECR & FRA, I couldn't sit them this time as I was in hospital so I'm sooo jealous of you. Don't take any notice of your employers crap attitude, I'm sure you will find a way to do it, can you not do homestudy? Thats what I do.
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    I cannot do night class at the centre local to me, the option is not available unfortunately, I suppose distance learning is another option but it seems more expensive and not only that, by actually attending college I know I will put in the hours needed. I am motivated but being in full time employment by going straight to college I get on with it. Come home first, get sat having tea and talking with kids and husband its quite easy to put it off until another night.

    I've calmed down a bit now, won't do anything drastic, although fortunately for me my employer needs me more than I need her.
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    I really don't see what all the fuss is about. I'm doing my exams off my own back, paying for it, spending weekends studying rather than going out (at 19 thats a big thing) and you are complaining he won't let you have time off. Use your holidays like the rest of us. I recon i get about 7 days holiday to myself but if thats what I have to do to go far in life then i'll do it. Face it we'll get good money in the end
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