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Hi all, wondering if anyone can help me. I am due to start my Technician level in september and I am really worried about unit 10.

I am due to haver my 2nd child in december so I only have a few months left at work to get this project done. Mu tutor promised me that she will give me the project to start before we broke up but then decided against it that o wouldnt do it apparently so I was pretty annoyed!:mad2:

Would really appreciate any help on this on information so i know what I am doing etc as I havent got a clue

my email is [email protected]

be really greatful for any help! thanks:001_smile:


  • IDS
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    I recommend you start now, i have just fininshed my technincian year and was still doing my project in April/May when revision for exams was just hectic, the sooner you start (and stick to it) the better.
  • shelle
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    can someone gives some ideas of what they based there project on so i know which direction to head in i dont even know where to start and i only have a few months before my maternity to start to get this done

    any help would be really appreciated

    basic sort of layout anything i will be ok once i start and i know which way im going but its get to thatt point!:mad2:
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    Hi Shelle

    I did my project on the Premier Print case study and based it on the weaknesses of their IT systems and the purchasing system. However you can pretty much base it on whatever problem you find in the case study.

    Honestly, though DO NOT PANIC. If you look on the AAT site there are loads of great unit 10 resources and if you need help just shout and we will come running.

    I know it's easy for me to say but try not to worry about it. When you get your project just do it section by section and you will soon have it done. To assist you further I recommend the unit 10 study text by BPP this literally spoon feeds you through the project and it the best book out there in my opinion.

    Good luck with the little one and remember to shout for help even if you think it is on something stupid their are loads of us on the forums who are ready, willing and able to help (including me).

    Take care.

    Speegs :thumbup1:
  • speegs
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    Hi Shelle

    I have to say I disagree with your sign off "two heads are better than one".

    I think if I had two heads this would be a severe disability. :001_tt2::lol::001_rolleyes:

    OK so I am a nutter.

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