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Hi everyone,

We would like to provide some hints and tips to help you choose a good home study provider and to address frequently asked questions.

There is a very good choice of providers who provide home study courses. If you type "distance learning centres" in the search box on the home page, you'll be able to open a comprehensive list.

Prices vary hugely so do your research. Ensure you know what is included and what is not, as not all centres charge all inclusive prices.

Ask what the provider's policy is with regards to support and regular communication. To help with your motivation, it's important you receive good quality support.

Find out:

How long it takes:
-to deal with queries
-to return feedback on progress tests, mock exams and assessments
-to mark assessments and provide feedback

Ask if you have your own support tutor to build a good working relationship with, or are you required to deal with different people?

Are you provided with additional learning resources apart from standard text/workbooks? What publisher is used? Are they user friendly?

AAT provide a list of exam venues before each sitting. Most students find exam venues reasonably locally, apart from those studying overseas of course.

Normally these can be sat when being supervised by a workplace employer. The procedure is comprehensive so you'd need to discuss it with the centre you choose to study with. If you think you will have a problem finding a supervisor, it might be worth finding a local distance learning provider who will allow you to sit them at the centre.

Do your research to ensure the provider you choose meets your individual needs. The general enquiry and registration procedure should be efficient!

As I'm sure many will agree, studying from home does require discipline and good self motivation. If you have that and want to enjoy the flexibility of studying at your own pace, then you should be able to cope very well.

We hope this information is useful to anybody looking to study from home.

We would like to congratulate all students who have passed their exams. It gives you a fantastic sense of achievement. For those who need to resit, remain positive and keep focussed on your goal. :thumbup:

Kindest AAT Home Study Support Tutor
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