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I managed to pass BTC, PTC, PEV and PCR this June which makes me a full member in waiting!! Yes!

But with AAT now out of the way I am now aiming for ICAEW membership. Trouble is, the institutes's vacancy section on their website is laden with graduate only opportunities. It doesn't even have to be a relevant degree.

I know ICAEW is the 'elite' accountancy bod but this seems ridiculous. We AAT lot are better equipped to handle ACA and a safer investment that some English lit. graduate or whatever.

Now I'm working in practice at the moment, but it is too small a firm to fund ACA study.

Seems the only route from AAT to ACA is the fast track which, as Grant Thorntons told me you need to start from the beginning with them. They don't take people who are already AAT qualified on to do ACA.

Has anybody else been in this position?

Thanks in advance


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    The Institute's website is the last place I would look for a job and to be honest Grant Thornton's policy is their loss.

    Many practices are crying out for AAT members who are capable of going on to complete chartered studies because they have a wealth of experience compared to graduates.

    Go and register with a recruitment agency, you will soon find that your qualification and experience is in high demand.
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