Mac And Ptc

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Mac And Ptc

aat knocked me down with these 2 heavy blows clearly it was 2 much they should consider we r doing aat not phd they have changed the industrial budget into services in mac and in ptc they tested those things which they never ever tested before that is not fair at least they should stick 2 one syllabus


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    I know you are disappointed but the PTC exam tested things which were in the syllabus. You can only really complain if things aren't on the syllabus - otherwise if it's there you are expected to know it.

    How can they examine the whole syllabus in one paper, they can't, so they have to do sections in different sittings, you should have been taught the whole syllabus not just the past papers.

    The main problem is that you don't know how near you were, it may have been a near miss and I can understand your frustration in that.

    I hope you can put it behind you, resit and pass with flying colours next time.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
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    i know but redudency !!!!!!!!!!!! u know i never knew wat it waz dat was the shock i got in the 1st 15 m of the paper and never ever recovered from it trust me i really worked hard 4 it i had sleepless night but 4 what damn nothing i might some how prepare my self for ptc wat i will do with Mac u never knew wat they gona throw in dec
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    If you weren't taught the entire syllabus then that is the fault of your tutors.

    At the end of the day its down to practicing - not just the exam questions but the questions in the back of the text books, and going back through the text books. You really need to practice MAC questions because it is the most time pressured of all the exams. It took me 3hrs and 10minutes to answer every single question.
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    I also didn't know about the redundancy part and messed it up but still passed the paper.

    There must have been other parts that you got wrong as well.
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    Hi Guys

    I know you don't want to hear this, but redundancy was in the PTC. I was one of the lucky ones who studies with BPP and knew all about PPR relief and redundancy.

    Seriously though, I am qualified now, and if anyone of you need a hand revising PTC I would be more than happy to try and help. PM me.

    Good luck next time.

    Speegs:thumbup1: Try to keep smiling.
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