sharon Registered Posts: 161 Dedicated contributor 🦉
Anyone started studying for December's exams yet?


  • jilbo
    jilbo Registered Posts: 197 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    Just about to but am trying to get unit 10 and 31 and 32 out of the way first. I need to sit DFS and MAC in Decemberand, fingers crossed, if I pass them I've finished.

    have you actually started studying for December? Which are you doing?
  • taskey
    taskey Registered Posts: 1,800 Beyond epic contributor 🧙‍♂️
    i have started.

    i am doing pev and pcr defo in december, but am trying to convince myself to do dfs aswell.

    has anyone else managed to do this? i know pev and pcr are very similar, but not sure on dfs as there are so many diffferent ones to choose

  • Pigpen
    Pigpen Registered Posts: 331 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    I have those three to do too ?

    Is it too much - I took BTC & PTC and passed and got married in july so it was a kinda stressful 6 months? Currently doing unit 10 - Hopefully complete in 2/3 weeks time - Keep putting off opening my books
  • ms-nee-nee
    ms-nee-nee Registered Posts: 24 New contributor 🐸

    pev and pcr are similar...

    pev and dfs are similar in the form that dfs has a section for ratio analysis and pev has a
    section for ration analysis too...
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