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jilbojilbo Well-KnownRegistered Posts: 197
Hi there,

I am due to take my final AAT exams in December and (providing I pass!) am hoping to begin studying ATT next year as I so enjoyed the two tax modules I've just done - sad aren't I!!! Can anyone recommend a distance learning company who do ATT and any ideas if you pay a one off fee for the four modules or can you buy them seperately?

Also I am considering doing the inheritance tax module as my option. As well as being employed I also run a small company specialising in sole traders accounts, self assessment, bookkeeping and payroll. The AAT have told me I should have no problem in obtaining a licence when I am qualified - they have seen my work experience - and I thought this option was the best one to choose as I have no experience in business tax (Ltd Co's) otherwise I would have chosen the Business taxation higher skills module. Does anyone have any thoughts on whether this module would be the best one for me ?

Any info regarding courses etc would be greatly appreciated.


  • payrollpropayrollpro Trusted Regular Hampshire/SurreyRegistered, Working Together with HMRC, FMAAT Posts: 423

    I am an AAT fellow, though I specialise in payroll management consultancy mostly and I have recently sat my ATT exams. I took four of them in May and this was, perhaps not the best plan as I failed the Personal Taxation paper but got the Business Tax, Ethics and Compliance ones.

    I studied with BPP and chose the classroom as I had real concerns about my ability to concentrate outside the class environment and I was largely impressed. Some of the tuition left a lot to be desired and I got the feeling some of the tutors would rather not do it, preferring ACCA instead.

    To me I think it had a lot to do with the numbers.

    The advantage is that the material is quite good and being in conjunction with FTC Kaplan means you get a more balanced view of things. The pass assured system helps as well because my revison phase in October for the resits will cost only the difference in the fees and not the whole fee.

    Its expensive, I reckon it has cost me about £2,500 in total including the Tax manuals which you need for the exams but i am convinced I can recoup that in less than a month with the right contracts.

    There is still a lot of cost involved for MIP status, which I dont need at the moment becuase of the very sepcialised type of work I do, and the MLP registration but that will be marginal compared to the study and exam costs.

  • LouiseRLouiseR Feels At Home Registered Posts: 59
    Try this forum, Dean on there is very helpful


    Im hoping to start soon and use Tolleys Tax as a home study provider.
  • PaulPSBPaulPSB Feels At Home Registered Posts: 55
    Why not try and find a local college offering ATT as an evening only course?

    I sat my ATT doing one evening class a week over 12 months - worked for me

  • jilbojilbo Well-Known Registered Posts: 197
    Many thanks for that Paul, Ive had a look but there doesn't appear to be any evening classes in Sheffield where i am based.
  • jilbojilbo Well-Known Registered Posts: 197
    Many thanks LouseR,

    Will register with the forum and and enquire on there however I will consider Tolley's myself. Good luck with your studies, I hope to start over the xmax holiday. Have you finished AAT and are about to start now?
  • LouiseRLouiseR Feels At Home Registered Posts: 59
    I finished my AAT in 2000! Ive been working in commerce and want to get more experience in taxation to be able to do tax as well as book keeping as part time self employed, then hopefully build my client base to go full time self employed.

    Im currently registering with the AAT as a MIP.

    I would like to study at college but my nearest one is London and thats too far. So I have no choice but home study. I'm still trying to decide which choice paper to take.

    I plan to sit one paper in May09 and see how I get on then perhaps two in Nov09.
  • farmergilesfarmergiles Font Of All Knowledge Registered Posts: 1,693
    jilbo wrote: »
    Many thanks for that Paul, Ive had a look but there doesn't appear to be any evening classes in Sheffield where i am based.

    Hi, I'm in Rotherham and when I enquired about ATT at RCAT I was told that there wasn't enough interest to warrant them doing the course. Looks like lots of us that are interested need to contact RCAT, maybe through Rother Valley and try to force their hand!
  • NeilHNeilH Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 547

    Tolley Training (do a Google for their website) offer ATT distance learning.

  • MonsoonMonsoon Font Of All Knowledge FMAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 4,071

    I'm putting myself through ATT as there are no colleges near me who offer it, and I simply can't afford distance learning.
    I work in tax and it makes sense to me, thus I am hoping the excellent TQT study texts will be enough to work through.
    I'm sitting one exam at a time and the first is this November.

    Regarding which option to take, I would love to do IHT but given that I work in business tax I feel it's essential to take the higher BT paper as well, as that's probably the main reason I'm taking ATT, to further my knowledge of business taxation.

    Best of luck :)
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