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I have failed all 3 of my resits....Again, :crying: i thought that I had done really well in PCR & PTC and it came back not successful! DFS I knew i had as I had completely missed the section for consoloidating! This was on top of a really bad week as there has been a tragic loss in the family as well and we were really hoping for a glimmer of light.

I just want to let people know that you feel really pooey now but keep your head up and keep on tyring. i have re-enrolled onto a course minus the sections i have already passed so hopefully next June i will get my tech level. 2 years after I started.

For those who know keep trying it will be worth it in the end. :thumbup:


  • speegs
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    You must tell the AAT about your family bereavement. You may get a special dispensation.

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    Don't give up

    Sorry to hear you have failed agin jorja, but as you say to everybody it is true you have to pick yourself up again and try again and not giive up on completing the course i have passed PEV & BTC at my 3rd attempt and i tell it was hard as i studied at home on my own with no help from college and put everything into it and completed my project so i am now fully qualified.
    so please everybody who have failed do not give up keep hold of your dream of being qualified
    Regards Natasha:001_unsure:
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    Speegs, the berevament happened this week not during the exams. I just didnt have the correct technique in this sitting.
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