Do the AAT exam writers listen to students?

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Out of all the exams I have taken through this AAT course I found that PEV and PCR have been the most difficult to understand. I am not stupid and study extremely hard and have not failed an exam until now. All I ask is that the exam papers are written with the understanding students will be very nervous so it would be nice if they were straight forward and easy to comprehend in such stressful situation. I do struggle to understand even with lots of study and practising with prev exam papers. All the other exam papers seem to be so well written and understandable. Yes I am disappointed and even my tutor was shocked and I am not writing this because of that it is something I have noticed over the last three years. I just hope the AAT exam writers do listen to students with some level of understanding. I know exams are to test students competence and knowledge but they don't need to be written so that you don't understand the question so you are bound to get it wrong. I will try again in December and hope I pass so I can get my full membership but I hope this helps others in the future. If there is any one with any tips for PCR that will get me through, please let me know or email me at [email protected]
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    didnt read you massive post, but read the title and i can say that aat writers must have a very wide imagination , beacuse in one of my skills test this year .we had to apportion money through variuos things like mile etc and the actual money that was apportions come to roughly £150,000,000

    and was split over hours worked .and they said it hour worked was about 30,000,000 hour? and that was a month ? work it out...they would have to employ about 40000 people 24/7 ? yeh right ?


    pointed this out to my tutor and she said , that they just pick figures at random and dont think of what is actually happening . and i should do some writing as there is good money in writing papers ?
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