I passed my ECR bt faild section 2 Fra.My college will nt lemme do Tech level 4.

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I passed ECR BUT I failed section 2 of FRA! My college WILL NOT let me continue to level 4! wat can i do???????????????????:lol:


  • speegs
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    FInd another college. I am sure they cannot do that. As soon as you eventually completely all of level 3 and 4 I do not think it matters what order you do the units in. I know people who sat units 5,6, 8 & 9 all in June 2008.

    Good luck anyway

  • garry_coombs
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    I said this elsewhere but its the same question so I'll just copy and paste in case you haven't read it already

    Personally speaking, I would send it in for remaking and request a copy of the exam paper,.

    If it gets remarked and you pass, then great.

    If you dont get passed by remarking then work out why you didn't pass, sit down with your tutor and talk about how it was only that small thing and that you wont need any help with your re sit and that you think you are capable to re sit the exam whilst doing Technician.

    Assuming you were a hard worker during last year I would hope that that worked.

    But other than that the only other option would be to change colleges
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