June Results

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Hey people. Just wondering how everyone has done in their exams. I passed MAC and DFS so am chuffed. :001_tt2::thumbup::thumbup1:


  • peugeot
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    Well done - bet you're well chuffed!!!

    Good on you!
  • Halifax71
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    Must admit i found MAC hard as it's really 2 subjects in one (is it PEV & PCR on the tech route?). I did MAC & DFS in Dec 06 & BTC & PTC in June 07.

    Having just passed 4 ACCA exams this last 12 months i can say that it definitely doesn't get any easier - not that you would expect it to. That said PTC & BTC help with F6, MAC helps with F5 and i'm hoping DFS helps with F7. F9 is just a disaster. I got 2 x 50% this time - anything more is wasted effort. :thumbup1:
  • Bluewednesday
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    DFS definitely helps with F7. You will find that AAT students have a head start on that paper because of DFS.

    Good luck and if you are wanting to talk ACCA please come along to www.accountancystudents.co.uk as we have a thriving ACCA community there.
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