Don,t give up people x

pennie moore
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I,ve been reading a lot of the threads ref to the PEV exam, and I know a lot of people have failed,
I know alot of people have gave words of encouragement but i also wanted to say do not give up !!
I did 6 years ago, I failed this exam twice and it really knocked my confidence Badly and i just gave up as i felt to stupid etc , and it was only this year i have found the stenght to come back and finish it once and for all, glad to say and much to my amazement I passed PEV this time, I couldt belive it, now all i have left to do is DFS in dec and auditing in Jan
I know how people are feeling now but try not to feel disheartened and do not give up, you will pass and finish this course and it will all be worth it in the end xx


  • Tasha
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    Pennie moore

    Hi Pennie
    Well congratulations on passing PEV and having the courage to come back and have another go i have just finally passed PEV & BTC at the 3rd attempt and i am know finally fully qualified and have just received my certificate which i am know extremely proud of, I just picked myself each time and had another go and believe me i felt like giving up because like you i thought i was never going to get there but it proves if you try and try again you will finally succeed

    Regards Natasha :thumbup:
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