Line 50 Client Manager - multiple versions

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I use Line50 client manager for most of my bookkeeping. Until now, I have managed to keep all clients on the same version (most of them don't have their own software so no version conflict).
I intend to upgrade to the new version when it is released in the next few weeks, but I have a couple of clients using earlier versions who don't what to upgrade. We use backup/restore to share the lastest data and I don't want to use the accoutant's link option.

How does this work in practical terms? I know you can install different versions of the software by using the custom install and specifying a separate directory, but what will I actually see when I open the program and how can I ensure I keep each client's data on the right version of the software?

Thank you for any hints



  • DaveP
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    I didn't think you had a choice.

    As unwieldy as the accountants link option is it does allow you to share data on different versions. Surely that is easier than trying to keep a separate version of each Sage running on your computer. I'm no techy but that sounds like trouble to me!
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