Exam centres in Essex for external candidates

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Unfortunately I failed PCR and PEV! PCR was my second attempt so I am really disappointed (but going to appeal/get feedback).

Now I have the added nightmare that the college that I went to no longer allows people to re-sit their exams there. Does anyone know of any colleges in Essex that will allow me to re-sit there as an external candidate? It really has to be in Essex as I will only have a half day off for each exam and will need to go straight back to work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



  • princess246princess246 Feels At Home Posts: 49Registered
    Hi Mandy

    What college do you go to? as there is a college in Barking which i have taken exams in before.
  • mandy_smandy_s New Member Posts: 8Registered

    I go to chelmsford college. Barking would probably be ok, I need the nearer the better really.
  • princess246princess246 Feels At Home Posts: 49Registered
    You could try Southend college? if not the Barking college is about 30/40 mins drive from Chelmsford.

    I live in essex but i work in London so i tend do my exams up there. Im taking PEV and PCR in Dec i failed section 2 of PEV so tahts very annoying!
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