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Hi, I have posted this thread in the intermediate student discussion, but i thaught here might give me a bit more help...hopefully...

I thaught i had made up my mind to bypass technician and go to do cipfa. I am a mature student 47 and wanted to get my professional qualification a bit quicker even if it is only saving 1 year.

I have spend all day on the web yesterday and this morning and i am getting scared not knowing what to do.

I guess what i need right now is just some advise on what to do

1) Do i do the Technicians, bearing in mind that i won't get MAAT as i am not working in the accounting field.

2) Should i do CIPFA now - of which i know is 3 years

Any help, suggestions or advice anyone can give would be much appreciated. I am going to come back later and give my head a break and get some other mandain stuff done.

Thanks in advance


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    My understanding is that to go down the CIPFA mature student route (aged 25+) you need 5 years experience in an accountancy/finance role - if you meet this requirement you get 2 exemptions from the Certificate Level:

    Financial Accounting
    Management Accounting

    These are the same two exemptions you would automatically get if you completed your AAT; additionally, if you took both tax modules at technician level CIPFA grant an exemption to their Taxation paper which is part of the Diploma level.

    Also - CIPFA require 400 days relevant work experience for your CPD if you don't have AAT but only 200 if you do - don't know if this is relevant.
  • Jentel
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    Thanks 80sGuitarSolo

    After having made up my mind and changing it again, i have descided to do Technician.....have to now as i've made an initial down payment
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