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lgarsidelgarside Well-KnownRegistered Posts: 122
Hello does anyone know how much you have to do each year for CPD?
If I attended one course a year would this be sufficient? Also can you attend any course or does it have to be in realtion to the area you are working in? As I spend most of my time posting journals, calculating accruals etc it would be hard to find a course corresponding to this.

Also one last qu, if you attend an evening class say sage or excel does this count as CPD?


  • PetalPetal New Member Registered Posts: 11
    It is 60 hours every two years, at least 20 in each year would do it.
    The AAT branches run some free courses and there are lots of different day courses that you pay for.
    I believe that you can include reading in the CPD, for example the AAT magazine and text books.
  • lgarsidelgarside Well-Known Registered Posts: 122

    Thank You so can you attend courses that don't relate to your area of work?
    I spend a lot of my time posting journals and looking at the accounts but could I attend CPD courses for say tax and accounting standards?

    Also do you know if you have to keep a log online or can you just keep a diary at home?
  • PetalPetal New Member Registered Posts: 11
    I think keeping a log would be a very good idea. I have been told that the CPD needs to be verified, i'm not sure how the reading works for that. There are courses on Ethics and all sorts of things that would be good to learn even if you do not use them at the moment.
    I think the point is to learn new things as well as keep up to date in areas already covered.
    Hope this helps. :001_smile:
  • lgarsidelgarside Well-Known Registered Posts: 122

    Thanks that helps a lot.
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