How to get clients ?

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I have just completed my AAT qualification and i have registered with HMRC to start providing accounting services from home.

Can someone tell me what is the best way (cheap and effective)to advertise to gain clients ?

I am also looking for professional cover. i live in Purley, in the croydon area.

I would also need an advisor because of my lack of experience. Is there anyone available and how much does it cost ?

Every help will be appreciate.

Thanks to all of you.


  • DaveP
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    You registered with HMRC?

    Are you not an MIP then? Sounds a little dubious to me.

    If you are in Purley then I recommend going to the East Surrey Branch meetings. They are well attended and you will find people who can help you there.

    The next meeting is coming up soon and they are held at the Hilton Hotel off Purley way. Check the main website for details.
  • soni2surv
    soni2surv Registered Posts: 13 New contributor 🐸
    I will definitely attend that meeting.
  • sarva
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    Hi Soni,
    I have booked a place at East Surrey Branch on Mon 8 Sept-18.00 for18.30.
    We will have time for networking. I have just applied for the MIP and I am waiting for the outcome.

  • amysmum
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    When you say you have registered with HMRC, do you mean that you have just informed them (for your own tax position) that you are starting self employment, or have you registered with them for another reason?
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