After qualifying AAT...?

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After qualifying through the AAT course past the level 3 stage and onwards, what then can I do? Are their courses at university then I could enrol for using the qualifications I have earnt?

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  • Lee Maidment
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    There are many options available to you once you have gained the AAT qualification. You can go on to Chartered Accountancy with any of the UK accountancy bodies and will receive exemptions based on having passed AAT (depending on the options you took), or you can go on to university to do a degree.

    Have a look at and it will give you some more info on the options available to you.

  • JANE B
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    I thought AAT was equal to a degree in terms of exemptions for chartered qualification? Is this not now the case?
  • DaveP
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    AAT gives you more exemptions than a degree but exemptions are not the only reason for considering doing a degree.

    It is just another door opened by the AAT qualification.
  • NeilH
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    DaveP wrote: »
    AAT gives you more exemptions than a degree

    Depends on the degree, some degrees will grant up to 9 exemptions from ACCA, 11 from CIMA and 6 from ICAEW (may actually be more for ICAEW now that some of their papers have split into 2)
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