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I have only just reading through these threads and was amazed at just how bad the pass rates are for some exams.

The reason I say this is at our college we have about 25 students who have all been together since foundation level. Out of all those exams I think there's only been one occassion when we didn't achieve 100% pass rate on a particular exam. And on that instance I think 88% passed.

I assumed that the pass rate must be that high everywhere as our class has a real mix of abilities. Some are fantastic and put a lot of work in, and some do absolutely nothing until like a week before the exams and still pass! I suppose it must come down to the teaching really?

Anyone else have any thoughts on this?


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    When I attended college for Foundation and Intermediate, I was actually amazed that people were still coming to terms with Double Entry. In fact they couldn't believe that for both those levels I walked out of each exam after an hour, happy with the work that I'd done because they were struggling with the fundamentals

    However, after speaking to my ex-tutor, I was amazed to find out that pretty much the whole class passed except the 'utter dross' (about 3-4 per class)

    The tutors were very good but some people can't be helped (and now it sounds like I am putting those people down!)
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    That is a similar story to me Stevo.

    There are a few people in my class who are to put it nicely, absolutely useless. they have no concept of accounting, get most classroom activities completely wrong but still pass the exams. Hence the reason why I was so shocked to hear how low the pass rates are.

    PS I hope it doesn't seem like I am calling the people who have failed any exams incompetent as that is not the message I am trying to get across.
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    I'm surprised that out of the group of people I got to know while at college and still in contact with to find out the last results; that most of them still have re-sits to finish. Most of the re-sits being DFS, which had by far the worst pass rate of all exams.

    Add to that the ones that dropped out in previous years, the pass rate from start to finish is lower than I expected!
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