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:confused:I started AAT Intermediate back in 1998, but due to health problems and work commitments I only got a couple of units finished before I had to stop.I have been working all that time in an accounts environment and was even a Finance Director with several staff under me, so it is not like I have not touched accounts since I stoped AAT.I have also got 252 weeks of AAT accepted work experience signed off on E - Portfolio.When I re-registered last Autumn to finish my Intermediated I was told it would not be a problem getting my units transferred over with only possibly having to do Top-Up tests.I contacted Kaplan and registered and spoke to them and wrote to them to ask about getting my units transfered over, chased it up many times both with them and AAT.Finally in July Kaplan came back and said I could not transfer over any units and would have to register and sit them all over again.* They have also told me that nowork based evidence can be used for any units unless I have every single bit of criteria mapped off.* They also don't offer any advice on mapping.I have been back to them several times as AAT said they were quite happy to have the units transferred over* and to contact other training providers, however they all took so long to come back I gave up, plus it is hard to find one in Scotland.I have now given up an sat Health and Safety again and am sitting a full simulation for Unit 5, having paid for both of them again.However I have now been told my a couple of other training providers that I should be able to just sit a top up simulation for Units 5 and have the exam result transferred over.I have asked the AAT about this but had no reply.Does anyone have any suggestions?* I just feel like what was the point in all the work I put in the first time.* As I have suffered from ME for over 20 years exams and simulations are hard enough for me to sit once, never rmind twice.Pamela


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    i really feel for you...

    my wife started aat under the old standards, and then had to completely restart under the new 2003 standards.

    i believe that the real issue here is the amount of work that is required from the education provider in authorising the transfer of old standards over to the new ones. it's close to un-charted territory.

    they all already have a system in place for the 2003 standards, and they often struggle to keep that up-to-date and running smoothly... so how could they possibly cope with your situation. additionally, i'm sure that they would want to charge you the full unit fee in exchange for signing off the new standard.

    any education provider should feel free to correct me if i am wrong !

    in all honesty, i think that you would find it easier to re-sit levels 3 and 4 completely so that you have an up-to-date qualification... purely based upon the lack of co-operation that you are receiving from the education providers.

    the education providers probably have shareholders, sales targets and cut-backs to contend with... which explains the never-ending menus and queues when waiting to actually talk to someone !

    from the sounds of it, you will easily rack up another year's experience before you complete the aat qualification which isn't too much of a hardship (considering that i've moved onto acca with absolutely zero finance experience).

    best of luck
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    I would advise you to re-do all the Intermediate Units again.

    Yes you can do the Unit 5 top-up which is mainly to do partnerships accounts. This is because under the 1998 standards Manufacturing accounts was the main part of Unit 5 assessment. Under 2003 standards the manufacturing accounts has been dropped and partnership accounts has been adopted instead. The partnership was assessed at the technician level before.

    Unit 6 has changed completely. Standard costing has been transferred from the intermediate level to the technician level. Assessment on marginal costing has been adopted. There are no top-ups available for unit 6. Under the new standard students will have to sit skill tests and exams again for this unit.

    My concern is that you started back in 1998 and have completed only a couple of units. These units were done 9 to 10 years a go. If you wish to complete the AAT then I presume that you will want to move on to technician level. Quite frankly Tec. Level is at least 3 times as difficult as Intermediate. (Not individual units but collectively)
    You really need to understand almost all the FRA topics, demonstrate workings, and exam techniques.

    Start at the intermediate level again and that will help you understand Tec. Level topics as well.

    With reference to your working log, you do not have map against the criteria’s but I believe that only the last two year’s worth of work experience is acceptable, though I may be corrected on this.
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