Birmingham PEV (MAC) Revision Sunday 9th November

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I have received a number of requests to run revision classes in Birmingham for MAC, PEV and PCR in preparation for the December 2008 exams.

I am looking to run a PEV Revision day in Birmingham on November 9th

The plan is as follows:

Sunday MAC/PEV ............Location
09 November 2008 ......... Birmingham

As an indication, for anyone seeing this for the first time
I put a limit of 12 on each day, so classes are small. (In exceptional circumstances this might be allowed to increase to 14)

The format of each day is 4 sessions of approx 1¼ hrs. These run from 9.30 to 4.00 (possibly 4.30)
We look at all aspects of the syllabus focusing on the needs of the exam.

We use practice questions, not necessarily past exam questions. This can help us to try to master the subject matter and ultimately pass the exam. We also address a key point of how to present the answers. Over the years examiners have criticised candidates for not showing their workings clearly. Using certain formats the workings can be more obvious and it can be easier for the marker to give you credit. This can make a significant difference in your overall results as wrong answers that do not have obvious workings would tend to earn few, if any, marks.

Cost is £100 per day (although fees for very small groups may have to be raised to make the day viable)
I will always keep you up to date as far as developments with any courses.

If you are interested, please email me
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