Studied ACCA when not working?

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I'm still on my Intermediate at the moment, but I am trying to plan ahead, and just wondered if anyone has studied for ACCA when they're not working? Went to an open evening tonight to try and get some info but it was a bit of a waste of time really, so still no wiser as to whether I'd be able to do it or not. I know you need the 3 years experience before you're officially finished, like you do with the AAT, but other than that is there any other problems I'd have? ie could I do the qualification and get the experience later?
Any advice greatfully received!
Thanks :001_smile:


  • Nilesh Mandvia
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    ACCA qualification but no experience

    May I ask are you working in accounts at the moment?

    You can study ACCA now and gain experience later on. But in my opion, you would be too qualified without the experience.

    You will have problem getting job, if you do not have experience, then you have to start as accounts assistant, purchase or sale ledger as you would be ACCA qualified, probably employer would find that you are too qualified for the job. Also once you qualifiy you may want a job where you can utilise your education.

    If you go for higher position i.e. Management Accountant, Financial Accountant, Statutory accounts or taxation area, employer would hesitate to offer you job in this area as you have qualification but no experience.

    It is like a catch 22. When I did my ACCA, I was going too fast as I was taking 4 paper at a time. I was told by the recruitment agency to slow down and gain more experience. ( I was working in accounts in Industry)

    I hope this help. If you want discuss further pm me your email and I will contact you.

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    Hello I am a graduate research chemist who is trying to get into accountancy, I have almost completed the AAT course I have had a few interviews but I have not been able to convert any of them into job offers.

    My aim is to become a chartered accountant, but I feel it best to hold back on starting ACCA until I get a job in accountancy.
    Any ides as to how to get the first job would be most appreciated.


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    ooohhhh.....seems my reply to you didn't appear Nilesh.....must have been half asleep when I posted that and forgot to press something! I'll try and remember what I basically put.....
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    Thanks for your reply Nilesh. I'm not working in accountancy at the moment - in fact, I'm not working at all. This is what made me ask the question. I'm not able to work at the moment and I understand about the difficulties with getting a job because of lack of experience, but right now I just want to use my time when I can't work to the best, so am trying to study anyway. I just wanted to know whether, apart from the issue with employers wanting experience when you try to get a job and you've got the ACCA, is there any reason I can't actually complete ACCA without working? I can't do anything about the experience issue at present, but I can at least not waste this time when I'm unable to work. Hope that makes sense.
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