Management/Cost Accountant & Excel expert, going self employed? Advice please

Cazp Registered Posts: 3 New contributor ?
You hear plenty about self employed financial accountants offering tax/VAT advice and preparation of financial accounts, but not so much in the management/cost accounting area, and excel expertise - which is where I specialise and have a very sound grounding in.

I have recently become a mother and would like to go self employed - Im thinking along the lines of taking one off jobs or perhaps even temporary contracts .. though have to say my thinking is still very much in its infancy... but its a start.

I dont live in a large city but my town, and many others close by around have many thriving businesses. I havent seen anyone else advertise this service locally.

I need to do some market research, but as a start I wondered if there is anyone out there who has followed this path that can give me advice on the reality of this, how you started up, what typicall earnings are etc....

much appreciated...
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