can you mix the levels in one sitting?

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does anyone know if you can do a technician exam at the same sitting as one of your intermediate exams? Not sure if you have to pass the whole intermediate level first or not. I have FRA to take in December, and unit 7 simulation to take, and am thinking maybe I have time to take a technician exam as well but don't know if that's allowed. Anyone know?
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    People who fail intermediate exams can resit in december whilst sitting tech level (college permitting) so I cant see a problem from AAT to be honest.

    You would have to check if your training provider would allow it.

    It would be hard work if you haven't previously been learning FRA to learn both though, as FRA will cover things that you will be expected to already know when studying for Tech level.
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    I'm doing it!

    I started studying Intermediate in December 2007, took ECR in June but wasn't scheduled to take FRA until December 2008, so had nothing except FRA to study between June and December - 6 months on one unit.

    I felt I could do more than this, so I asked if I could commence studying Technician level units, and, as I'm paying for the course myself I was told that they could see no reason why I couldn't!

    I am now scheduled to take FRA, DFS, BTC and PTC in December - but will review this closer to the time as I don't want to over-commit (perhaps I already have? - maybe Christmas cards will be posted in early 2009!!!!!).

    I'm studying very hard, but have also just found another part-time job to run alongside the part time job I already have, plus I have a man, a boy, a baby and a house to look after!!!! (Beginning to wonder if I could do with appointing an assistant dogsbody - just reading this I'm starting to feel a little bit ummm ....... yes, BUSY!!!)
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    thanks to both of you for your replies. I will speak to the college about it when my tutor comes back (not sure when that is, as I'm a distance learner, but it's a college not BPP or Kaplan).
    Cheers again
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    yes, just try your best, for the central assessment, you can join even all the units if you can.
    i started my aat just from Jan.2008, i finished all the simulations for foundation level before may, and in june assessment i did PLB, ECR, FRA, and passed all of them, last month i finished the simulation for intermediate level, now i am in technician now. but anyway it is a hard work to do, you may try challenge youself.
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    We had a guy who failed intermediate but carried on to technician only to fail both. The finance part of AAT change style, layout and wording from one level to the other and he found it confusing i.e. profit & loss to income statement etc and the work load doubled from intermediate to technician. The best thing to do is ask your tutors because they wont just say yes go ahead you can do just so they get the money because they also think of the pass rates for their classes too.

    Think hard and good luck

    Kate :001_smile:
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