Expenses posting, help, please

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There are 2 sources of Incoming money for expenses: own cash + Parent’s Company Credit Card. Parent company invoices us and we fully pay back all Credit card transactions after 3 months. Own cash or “cash out of pocket” is confirmed by receipts (like petty cash) and goes on variuos business expenses.
Also, our manager has hired car (we are paying monthly to the hire company) and he uses the Credit Card buying the petrol. Petrol he uses for Business and for Private mileages. Every month he reports about these 2 mileages amounts. Fuel for Business expenses includes VAT and Privates does not (but the Fuel Scale charges also can be applicable). Every month end all expenses summaries (VAT too) in monthly expense claim Form (by each employee).
Invoices (expenses) from parent company I post in separate acc -Office Expense Control (OEC) acc - a)Cr-Supplier;Dr-OEC when, by monthly expense Claim Form b)Dr-various Expence acc;Cr-OEC;
All employees who spend their own cash on business I posted as Suppliers.
Can anybody advise how better to deal with this? My head just goes more and more like :lol:
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