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Just wondered whether anyone has changed careers, going from working in industry into an Accountancy firm, making the switch without too much pain?

To date, have worked in industry in Accounts Payable for three years (after a long break form Accounts), but my long-term goal/desire is to freelance as an Accountant.

Currently, am completing my AAT technician stage, but would i be considered for working in a practice, if i haven't had the experience? Just as important, would i need an professional qualification, eg ACCA or ACAEW, if i were to go it alone later?

Has anyone taken this route or know of anyone that has?


  • MattW
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    I've moved from a service organisation, to practice and then to a charity without any problems and I'm planning on moving back to Practice after this stint in charity as like you would like to be self employed one day.

    I like to think it's all good experience - working in different sectors I believe should be a good thing for those who want to work in practice as it allows you to see/experience how business operates on the other side of the fence so to speak i.e. what kind of information is required, how processes and procedures act as controls in high volume environments....:thumbup1:

    Also you should be fine with the AAT in a practice environment (and for other sectors). It gives you the skills you need to be able to do the job and you can use your CPD to develop in areas relating to your job, personally I can't see how a chartered qualified compared to an AAT qualified, who is just as dedicated to their job in terms of ongoing development is any worse or less knowledgeable than a Chartered qualified.....but that's for another post!
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