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I wonder if someone could please help me.

My friend is doing some bookkeeping for a Company and they use Sage Line 500. They have asked her if she could produce a monthly Profit & Loss report from Sage , but she is unsure of how to get this report as she has not used this version of Sage.

Does any one use this version os Sage and can help.

Thank you.:confused1:


  • moneymotivated
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    I use sage line 50 and I don't know if that is any different to sage 500 but in order to generate a TB, P & L or BS you do:

    Click on company
    Click on financials (on left hand side)
    Click on P & L (at top)

    Simple as that!

    If the version 500 is different to 50 tell your friend to go to the help box (at top) and type in 'P & L', this should bring up a page asking her how to do it.
  • Dianne
    Dianne Registered, Tutor Posts: 18 New contributor 🐸
    Thank you for your help, I had misunderstood what version it was and it is Sage Line 50, not 500 so your answere was perfect.

    Thank you again.
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