Picking Units + other question

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Morning everyone

Have you all picked your units? I decided to go for 3 units, both taxes and cash mangement ..... Just wanted to know from ppl who did the same how they found it? Was it too much work etc. or was it OK with a bit of knuckling down?

Another question, compltely different topic .... Has anyone actually got an AAT credit card as ive just seen they offer one? Any experiences on what its like?


Brett x


  • stevo1
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    Brett, I've done PCR, PEV and both tax exams from home so far and passed all first time

    I've got DFS in Dec and a little project to do but this will have taken me 18 months all up if I pass in Dec but realistically this should have taken me only 12 months but I was limited to 2 exams in both sittings I have done thus far due to work commitments etc

    But I think you should target 12 months, it is fairly straight forward!
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