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Anyone got any suggestions of what I can do. I'm bored and I have nothing to do. I haven't asked them because they are well aware of me having nothing to do. Even if i do ask I get nothing to do. I do wonder if it a sex thing - the one male admin staff worker seems to have more than enough work despite being a lower grade - he's even doing something that is on my job description. The two females have nothing to do.

Work blocks steaming media sites, gaming sites and webmail sites etc.



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    Try and speak to your line manager about it - don't say you are "bored". Say you feel that you are ready to take on more work and try new things and that you feel you aren't using your skills to their full potential.

    Why don't you use these quiet times to do some study? Have you completed you project - you could do that?
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    Thanks. I started doing my project. I did manage to close it without having saved yesterday which annoyed me with everything else. At least it gave me something to do today! My line manager is well aware of me having nothing to do and complains to me about being bored and having nothing to do. This has gone all the way to the head of department and has not been sorted out.

    My section head has turned up today and said after some hours "Oh, so you're leaving then?" My response was "Well there's nothing to do here. Things that are on my job description are being given to other people I had nothing to do yesterday and I have nothing to do now." His response? "Oh, I'll have to talk to the head of dept." Who happens to be on holiday at the moment. Hence you find me on the interwebs.
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    When ever I was bored at work I used the time to study and in Technician level it was bloody well handy.:thumbup:
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    Job Hunting?
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    Lol welsh
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    Heh. I've done that. I've already got another job, just waiting for this lot to let me know when I can go. It would be very poor form to be looking for another job before I'd even started the new job. Although I don't think I'll be in that job long. I've taken a job I don't really want because I really can't deal with staying here sitting around doing nothing.
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    Why must they tell you when you will lwave? If you have another job lined up, can you just not hand your notice in? :confused1:
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