what should i do?

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I have enroled in AAT advanced course, but i have never done the level 2. I know everything in level 2 apart from double entry, Although I do this everyday I am confused with the debits and credits in the different accounts. I do it everyday because I have been shown what to do but I do not fully understand why I am doing it! I really dont want to do a whole year just to learn this part of the course but how long does it take to get to grips with it, could I get someone to just teach me this part for a few days.
any help would be good


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    I seem to remember from last year, when I started, some companies were offering basic bookkeeping courses from bodies such as ABC or IAB, over a week, which would excempt you from level 2. Try doing an internet search to see if there are any available and suitable for you.
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    thx this would be really helpfull.
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    I don't mean to sound rude or unhelpful here, but why did you enrol on the intermediate level if you're not comfortable with everything that is studied at foundation level?

    I know you said you know everything apart from double entry, but double entry is a fundamental part of accounting which you really need to understand - I think you will really struggle at intermediate level if you've not yet completely grasped double entry.

    When is your first exam - December this year?

    You should be able to find a bookkeeping course that will teach you what you need to know, but I'm not sure if you'll be able to learn it in time as it's already September.
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    I wanted to do intermediate and I was advised against it as I was not completely confident in double entry bookkeeping and was told that most or all fail if they do not fully understand double entry bookkeeping. I am starting at the beginning and working my way up. My concern was that I would be out of my depth starting the intermediate and hold everyone else up.

    Good Luck, whatever you do. I will be interested how you get on.
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    I've just found this which might be useful to you:

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    I skipped foundation and went straight into intermediate without fully understanding the double entry system. I was advised to go in at this level though because I had an understanding of VAT, payroll, tax returns that I would find foundation too basic and the chances were that I would leave. I was advised to buy a book by Frank Woods Accounting level 1 (I think that was the title) and work through Chapters 1-6 which gave a step by step guide to the double entry system with short questions at the end of each chapter to make sure you grasped the basics. The tutors thought I would have a greater chance of giving up doing foundation because I would get too bored with basic level and also with some of the other students who don't take the subject seriously and inevitably disrupt the class and then drop out.

    I did this and still struggled for maybe a month, but my tutors and other students were fantastic. We were a great group who always helped each other out and in fact I was giving some of the others tips in the end, who had already done foundation.

    I sat my exams in June and passed so I must have done something right!

    I would say go for it. if your tutors are good and you are prepared to put in a little extra hard work in the beginning I really think this is do-able.

    Good luck and believe in yourself:thumbup1:
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    I was advised to go straight in at Intermediate level without any double entry experience at all. I also hadn't carried out any work with tax forms or payroll. The tutors said that since I was a mature student and had completed a degree in a science subject I would pick up the basics very easily. They said the foundation level is aimed at those coming straight from school........

    I found the tax return stuff easy, but it took a while for the double entry to make sense. Despite having personal problems which interferred directly with my study time I was able to keep up with the other students who work directly with accounts and did indeed pass the FRA paper this summer.

    So, it is doable.
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    This link is very good thank you, it really helps me to understand things in more detail i will let you know how i get on.
    thx everyone.
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