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I am studying Diploma level via distance learning and have noticed that some of the DFS past papers have a proforma answer booklet - does this mean that we are not expected to know the layout of the Income statement etc from memory?

Thanks :)


  • Lizzim
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    Anyone? I am just wondering as if these proformas will always be supplied then it is one less thing I need to focus on.
  • welshwizard
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    I would strongly advise you to memorise the layout of income statements, balance sheets and cashflow statements becasue you really don't want to be in the position where you've relied on on template/proformas etc all the way through your course and then you're faced with a blank piece of paper in the exam. If you start practicing now, it'll be come second nature by the time the exams come round.
  • Lizzim
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    Thanks welshwizard,

    I am working on memorising them as I go through the activities, I was just curious as to whether the aat had indicated that they would not be using the proformas in the future - which I thought some tutors may be aware of.
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    If I remember correct, when I took DFS last year we had to memorise all the pro formas as they were not provided in the exam.

    Best of luck

  • Bluewednesday
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    Pro formas were always included in the answer booklet when I did technician but by the time you come to the exam you will know them off by heart anyway
  • sebastianforbes
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    proformas are included in the exam booklets (as of june '08) !!!

    what you will need to calculate yourself is the net present value of assets sold and the additional cost of fixed assets.

    you will find it very easy if you practice every past paper two, or three times.
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    performas are always included in the dfs paper but it wont matter if they are included or not i personally recommond that u should know the logic behind every calculation and once u will practice 2 or three past papers u will be automatically get used 2 it i have sat this paper in june 08 and my balance sheet was out by 200 but i showed my workings very clearly and i managed 2 pass .so always remember to show your workings 2 back the figures u have shown on the performas and do not concentrate 2 much on section 1 it do seems as if this is the only section which will get u through but its not lot of students in the last 2 sittings Failed on section 2 . so keep a balance between both sections good luck 2 every body

    UmEr aLi
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