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Anyone training with Ashby Training on distance basis ? Any views before I enroll ?


  • sarahwilson
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    I'm not but I just took a look and they are cheaper then who I am with, and I'm just wondering with them being a smaller outfit if the support might be better. They are £60 cheaper on one unit, but I wouldnt mind the money but I feel I've just been sent books and a portfolio and told to get on with it. I have to chase and chase for answers and if I do ask them a direct question I never get a direct answer. Let me know how you get on if you decide to go with them.
  • aatfree
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    I know someone who was doing classes with them but not distance learning. The tutor was still taking his AAT while teaching her. They didn't have offices, just book a meeting room in a b&b which had seen better days. She seemed quite happy with them as she couldn't afford Kaplan or BPP. I would check their pass rates and whose books they are using before you sign up.

    I know Kaplan & BPP both have quite high pass marks and their classes seem to be around the same price if not cheaper in some cases.
  • sarahwilson
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    I emailled them asking for info on Friday and I haven't had a reply yet, so methinks I wont be enrolling here. If they can't respond to a sales enquiry what will they be like when they have my money:thumbdown:
  • Esme
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    Sarahwilson.. who are you with?? I have a feeling it may be the same as me!
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