Do I Have To Do Tax???????

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I am looking to go onto CIMA after i have done Technician level, however my college isn't running tax due to a staff shortage and my tutor has informed me i won't be accepted by CIMA unless i do the tax units??

Is this true???



  • phunkyphantom22
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    No that's not true - as far as I'm aware that is complete rubbish!

    The AAT qualification will give you exemptions from the Certificate level of CIMA no matter what you units you did to gain it.
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    CIMA exemptions

    I took this quote from
    AAT Accelerated Route

    Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) students or members may be eligible for CIMA exemptions.

    We have an arrangement with the AAT and offer direct entry to the professional qualification to all AAT members and students who have completed the technician stage. One in nine students comes to CIMA via the AAT route in the UK.
    AAT technician stage

    When you complete the AAT technician stage, and submit copies of your technician stage certificate and/or statement of achievement (including skills tests and exams), you will be granted exemptions from all five of CIMA's Certificate level subjects.

    There is no requirement to take any specific options so you could take the cash management unit and do the audit unit.
    It is a shame that your college has chosen to not run the tax units, as they give a useful insight to an important aspect of business. Chichester College run Personal Tax Sept to Dec and Business Tax Jan to June.
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