How much time needed to study distance learning ?

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How much time per week is needed to study the different levels of the courses by distance learning. Will it be possible to fit it in alongside a f/t job, kids etc


  • mooshmoosh Feels At Home Registered Posts: 28
    Distance learning

    Hi, I have recently just completed AAT diploma by distance learning.

    I started in Oct 2005, and completed June 2008 whilst working full time. I had one son when I started who was 3 years old, I now have another son who is 20 months old and eldest is now 6.

    I found it okay to complete but you do have to ensure you keep up your motivation when doing homestudy. Also best if you are already working in an accounts environment where you can put what you are learning to use.

    Some weeks I didn't even pick up a book and others (usually close to exam time) I would probably do about 1-2 hours and evening during the week and maybe 6 hours at weekend.
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    I work full time and have 2 children with very busy social lives...........Ive managed to complete my assignments and I'm now studying for my skills tests, so fingers crossed. Providing you stay motivated you'll be fine :001_smile:
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    Hi John

    I am a single mum and working full time, i started the AAT back in April, I have just sent in my 2nd assignment, I am not sure if this is quick or not, but it is possible to do it, There are some weeks i don't do any studing and other weeks i do a lot, i am still trying to find the right balance.
    I have to agree with moosh and cherub76, you do have to keep up your motivation, otherwise like me sometimes you think i do some tomorrow!!!!

    Good luck and if you need any help just give me a shout (Might not be able to help but will try)
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    I try to find an hour every day to do some work.. that way I can't fall behind too much. If I have an exam I obviously do a bit more but I find I am getting through fine putting in an hour a day.
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    Time / brain

    Well, I've now started the Intermediate, but find that anything more than 45 mins per night and I just dont take it in - its a bit boring too - and I now see what you mean about staying motivated ! - but coming on here must help !
  • joadonjoadon Just Joined Registered Posts: 2
    All the best John. keep motivated. I have just started myself.:001_smile:
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