Need Urgent Help!

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Hi all,

I am in desperate need of some help!

Three years ago i completed AS level Accounts at college and got an A grade, Since then i haven't studied at all. I currently work in two accounting jobs, although these are mainly quite basic and all computerised!

I am about to enrol at college to study AAT and am torn between level 2 (foundation) and level 3 (intermediate) i have spoken to tutors at two different colleges and they were both unsure as to which i should enrol for, i was advised to complete a foundation practise paper and see how i got on.

Well i attempted the paper but to be honest anything to do with trial balance or double entry just went whoosh over my head. :blushing:

I have no problems with starting from the bottom and working up i am just worried that i may find it too easy and then get bored and give up, however if i start at intermediate and its too hard then im in the same boat. :001_unsure:

Any help would be much appreciated as i have to comfirm my enrolment either today or tomorrow! :confused1:


  • columbia
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    In my opinion, given that you say the double entry and trial balace went over your head, I would definately opt for the foundation level, as it teaches you all about double entry.

    You need to be confident in double entry and trial balances in order to progress onto the Intermediate stage.

    I started at Foundation and even though I had worked in accounts for years as it was all computerised at work it was very beneficial to attend collect and learn exactly where everything should be posted to, and more importantly why it was being posted there.

    It made me think a lot more before just entering items into the computer.

    Only you can really make the decision, but I know what I would opt for.

    Good luck!

  • speegs
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    I agree with Columbia.

    Before I started AAT I had worked in accounts for 6 years but I still needed to do foundation as I had no idea about double entry.

    There is a big gap between foundation and intermediate and by doing foundation this will give you a confidence boost for when you move onto intermediate. However, it you start at intermediate you may find it all a bit overwhelming.

    It only take 3 months or so to do foundation so I would say definitely do it.

    Anyway I qualifed a few weeks ago and I don't regret for one minute starting from scratch.

    Best of luck

  • garfield
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    I would definately go with Foundation. Once you've done those 9 - 10 months of double entry, it starts coming automatically, and you don't have to think about it so much. I had done computerised and semi manual accounts for quite a few years, but I got mixed up with double entry, esp at trial balance. I passed Foundation in June & I feel much more confident now, starting Intermediate on Wednesday.
  • Gem7321
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    If you're not happy spending a year at foundation you could always fast-track. Or why not enrol on a basic bookkeeping course? A colleague of mine did the ABC bookkeeping course because she didn't want to do foundation but had no knowledge of double entry and she's done just fine.
  • xjjlwx
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    How do you fast track? Wont you just spend a year doing book-keeping instead? Thanks for all your help
  • A-Vic
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    Nope you can do a small 16 week bookkeeping course level one NVQ
  • SalinaA
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    I would definately go with the foundation level as you will then be better prepared for the intermediate level - it is all worth it in the end and better to have a good understanding of it all then to get confused along the way :001_smile:
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