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hi all

k, got the kids off to school and now back to studying.

i have to do DFS, PEV and PCR (NVQ route)

which would people recommend to do in December? should i just do PEV and PCR as they are similar subjects, or should i attempt all 3?

i also have quite a bit of other learning to do as i have just signed up for a management and business NVQ 3 through learndirect, which i have been told that i can link all the portfolio work to it also.

i struggled quite a bit with FRA, but once i knuckled down a bit, it seemed easier.

i know DFS is following on from FRA so should i do that while it is fresh or should i do PEV and PCR?

i also have THE PROJECT to do, which i am staring at a blank page.


Thanks for getting this far and i look forward to your views



  • AdamR
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    I did all three that you mentioned in the June 2008 sitting and along with at least 3 other members of my class, I passed the lot so it is possible!

    I would advise doing PEV & PCR at the same sitting because a lot of the knowledge is required for both and the distinction between the two exams isn't always clear.

    That said, Sections 2 of DFS and PEV both focus on ratio analysis so it's worth considering doing those together so you only study the formula once!

    It will all depend on how much time you can devote to the subjects and how comfortable you are with the workload - I spent one day a week at college for 9 months to get through Level 4, plus homework time, so unless you can allocate a good amount of time on a regular basis, you may struggle with all the information you need to learn.

    Good luck whichever way you play it!
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