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Heard a lot of people going for appeals after the June exam results. Curious to how results have come back, and when do you hear about it?

ps good luck!


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    I posted this last week but haven't heard of anyone else get any feedback, still waiting my DFS appeal. Keeping my fingers crossed that the reason it's taking so much longer is perhaps they may be changing the grade, probably totally incorrect but don't want to give up hope yet. :thumbup:

    Everyone who has been interested in the PEV Appeals I've just had mine back!!!!

    I have to say I feel so much better, no they haven't overturned my mark but I have feedback and I can't tell you how much better it made me feel. It's very well laid out. Giving a detailed answer to each of the questions. I apparently narrowly failed to achieve the minimum level required which made me feel a little better.

    For section 2 the following was written(shortened to save room):
    2.1 - Didn't get one of the 7 performance indicators right and a few layout issues.
    2.3 - Needed to expand explanation.

    2.2 fully written - Your answers for 2.2b and 2.2c were correct in both parts, but you failed to calculate part 1 correctly, ie the full production cost per turbine. In part a 1, this would be £8M/10,000 units = £800. In part C you failed to use your calculations from 2.2a & b to make recommendations as to whether or not to contract out, based upon the two demand levels. You also lost marks for failing to set out your answer in the required format.

    Although I am happy to have the result of my appeal which was very well written and very constructive, it niggles me that they haven't understood that If I could have understood the question I think I would have passed, if I remember correctly all I put in for 2.2 a was the single figure I could work out (therefore no layout as only worked out one figure!!!).

    I hope anyone else who has applied for their appeal gets theirs soon as it has made me feel a lot better and will help me ready for my studies so I know where to brush up on.

    Good luck everyone, I'm still waiting on my DFS but will let you all know when it comes
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