Advice Needed. All suggestions are welcome!!

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Hi everyone.

I'm currently doing the Intermediate level and I finished Foundation stage this past June. I'm planning to proceed to the Technician stage next year. I'd like to do two courses though, AAT (Technician Stage) and IT, that is, next year. I was wondering if its possible to do Technician stage in 6months and sit all its papers in June next year.

Any suggestion is welcome.


  • speegs
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    Hi Android

    It is possible to do all of technician level in 6 months if you work really hard and are fully committed to your studying. Assuming that you are fully committed I would not imagine you would have a problem.

    I know many people who have done this through BPP.

  • Android18
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    Thnxt for ur reply. I forgot to mention that I have no experience in the workplace. Yet. I understand therez a certain unit at Technician stage which requires students to do sum sort of intern (please correct me if I'm wrong). Will I be able to finish that unit in 6months as well?
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    Whats the hurry :huh:

    Ok, there may be a hurry, but you got to balance it with the added risk of failing and potentially taking longer, plus the extra stress you put yourself through.
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    I seriously wouldnt recommend doing technician in six months, a year would be more do-able. The thing to consider is if you fail even one exam you will have to wait six months to re-sit so personally i'd rather do half in the first six months and then half six months later and that way you'll know you've covered everything and give yourself every chance of passing.

    Either that or start now and sit themm all in June, really its only nine months away. Technician is more advanced and goes into more detail than intermediate and everyone is different, I found some parts very straightforward and others very tricky.

    Good luck :001_smile:
  • Android18
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    Thank you so much for helping me decide. I think Im going to do it in 12months, not becuz Im not commited but, becuz I agree with wat PGM says- therez really no hurry :). I was just wondering.

    Thanx once again.
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